24.03.2018 10. Senioren Cup Bochum

2018_03_24_Senioren_Cup_Bochum_2018_01.jpgHard fights and fun outweigh the Senior Cup. Unfortunately, this year's Senioren Cup was not under a good star, as many participants from North Rhine Westphalia had to give up participation because of the beginning of the Easter holidays. For this reason, the Senior Cup took place in the dojo of the police Sports Association Bochum. Despite this change, the participants started with great ambition. It was particularly pleasing that, with the exception of a few small scratches on the fighters, the paramedics present were not deployed. It was surprising that this time many participants from other states were at the start. They came, inter alia. from Lower Saxony (even a participant came from the island of Borkum), Bremen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Thuringia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Rhineland-Palatinate and Jukka Laitinen from Finland provided for the "international participation" in the Senioren Cup. Jukka Laitinen from Finland was able to secure the title in front of Lutz Estel of the FSV 1895 Magdeburg for the first judges' decision after his first participation up to 100.5 kg. To the delight of the host, hobby fighter Udo Graw (PSV Bochum) was able to secure third place in the same weight category with two victories. Could defend their titles u.a. the "permanent participants" Manfred Zöllner from Budoka Hünxe up to 84.3 kg and Klaus-Peter Loch from TV Schmalkalden / Thuringia up to 89.1 kg. A very interesting encounter was also in the weight category up to 81 kg, in the age group ü 45, between Mario Schult (SV Motor Wolgast) and Michael Weyres (TV Bayer 04 Leverkusen). Here was the third European champions from 2016, Mario Schult, just prevailed with judges decision against Michael Weyres.

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Jürgen Wagner
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Siegerehrung bis 100,5 kg  (von links - 2. Lutz Estel/ Magedburg, Juakka Laitinen / Finnland, Udo Graw/PSV Bochum, Thomas Schmeling/Haltern, Thomas Gutt/Rot-Weiß Stipel)

Prize giving up to 100.5 kg

(from left - 2. Lutz Estel / Magedburg, Juakka Laitinen / Finland, Udo Graw / PSV Bochum, Thomas Schmeling / Haltern, Thomas Gutt / Red-White Stipel)


Begrüßung der ersten Gruppe

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